Experience:32 Years


Weight:100 kg





Main Instructor and Branch Director of South East England- “Sensei Anas”.

In 1989, I took my first step towards my journey in Kudo by starting my training in Sri Lanka. Initially, I started “Chos Taekwondo” training under Master Rafaideen and Master Mohtar.

1995 saw Master Shihan Mohideen encourage me to compete for the Black Belt Championship under the “Shotokan” (Karate), Which led me to winning the competition.

Me winning the All Sri Lanka National Tournament in Colombo (75-80 Kg weight category) enabled me to start representing Sri Lanka.

In the year 1996, I participated in the semi-contact World Championships in Sun City, South Africa representing Sri Lanka. That same year, Master Shihan Mohideen invited Grand Master Juku Cho and the founder of Kudo Azuma Takashi to introduce Kudo as a sport to Sri Lanka. Upon discovering this new avenue, I embraced the complete Japanese system of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

I travelled to Andhrei, Mumbai with Master Shihan Mohideen to give Kudo training to young students. This opportunity to travel to India permitted me to be cast in a Bollywood movie. This is when I progressed to the movie industry where I was cast in both Hollywood and Bollywood productions.

The year 2000, saw me participate in the Cho’s Taekwando World Championship in Dublin.

2002 is a quite notable year for me as I was partnering up with Master Shihan Mohideen to open the first Kudo Branch in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. I was appointed as “Sensei Anas” by Azuma Takashi when he visited the United Kingdom. Several branches have since been established in England, including branches in Kent, Cardiff, and Liverpool. Among the many branches, the Windsor branch is known as the main Kudo branch.

It’s with great humility that I say that I passed my 3rd Dan Black Belt in Poland under Juku Cho Azuma Takashi very recently.
Team UK have had many achievements in Europe. The most noteworthy one being selected to partake in the “Hoki-Toki” better known as World Cup of Kudo, thrice!