Ever wondered what Kudo is in Martial Arts?

What is Kudo?

Kudo Daido Juku, also known as Kudo, is a Japanese hybrid martial art that focuses on all forms of combat. It is a mixed Budo sport containing several fighting techniques. While achieving both safely and practically, this martial art enables a person learning to fight to use those skills in real life for the betterment of the community.  

Dive into Kudo’s background

 Kudo was founded by grand master Takashi Azuma. Azuma created Kudo as his own martial art in 1981 because he was discouraged by several characteristics of ‘Kyokushin’.

Kudo is basically based on ‘Kyokushin Karate’ but it has been stripped of all the katas, resulting in only the basic techniques being taught. From there onwards Kudo is mixed together with Judo and several techniques from Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. 

Why Kudo is the best?

The kudo guide book establishes the premise that through the pursuit of Kudo the development of both the mental and physical aspect of life can be enhanced. 

One of the key components of Kudo is that it focuses on a more realistic and versatile fighting style that is woven around effective “offensive and defensive techniques”. Few of the main Kudo techniques include head punches, head-butts, elbows, as well as throws and joint locks taken from Judo and few other ground fighting techniques. It is pertinent to note that Kudo is taught to the Israeli military, thus enabling us to assume that it is one of the best forms of self-defense in the world. This martial art has already gained popularity in over 60 countries world-wide so far.

As the Daido Juku World Headquarters explains Kudo is a life-long sport, system for youth education, method of self-defence and health maintenance for adults. Kudos to kudo!

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