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Kudo and its history.

Azuma Takashi – the founder of Kudo Kudo was founded and developed by its grand master Azuma Takashi. Azuma was born in 1949 in the distant village of Kesennuma, Japan. He is the president of the Kudo International Federation. He had acquired quite an extensive list of achievements including a 9th degree black belt in […]

What Kudo equipment should athletes buy ?

Kudo Uniform Kudo athletes, most commonly known as Kudoka, usually wear an official uniform. This uniform is known as “dogi” or “kudogi”. The said uniform is similar in appearance to judo Gi. Furthermore, it is resistant to throwing, and has shorter sleeves when compared to a traditional karate Gi. The design is known to be […]

Ever wondered what Kudo is in Martial Arts?

What is Kudo? Kudo Daido Juku, also known as Kudo, is a Japanese hybrid martial art that focuses on all forms of combat. It is a mixed Budo sport containing several fighting techniques. While achieving both safely and practically, this martial art enables a person learning to fight to use those skills in real life […]