What Kudo equipment should athletes buy ?

Kudo Uniform

Kudo athletes, most commonly known as Kudoka, usually wear an official uniform. This uniform is known as “dogi” or “kudogi”. The said uniform is similar in appearance to judo Gi. Furthermore, it is resistant to throwing, and has shorter sleeves when compared to a traditional karate Gi. The design is known to be ideal for kudo techniques such as gripping and throwing. Kudo practitioners predominantly use ‘Gis’ made with colours blue and white for easy identification. It is mandatory that one wears the Kudo uniform during competitions and belt promotion exams. 

Other notable Kudo equipment 

It goes without saying that all newbies must wear gear such as ‘dogi’, kudo bandage, a mouth guard and a set of gloves (preferably a K.I.F approved pair). The K.I.F approved gloves would help protect the knuckles while leaving the fingers free and uncovered. Furthermore, a specific K.I.F. approved Plexiglas visor should be used to protect fighters from any severe trauma to the face and head. It is said that adult Kudo fighters are not required to wear any shin guards.

Kudo equipment for underage athletes

When it comes to underage Kudo athletes, apart from the Kudo Gi, the Plexiglas helmet and a set of gloves are primarily recommended. When it comes to regulations on the protection concerning underage athletes, it may differ from tournament to tournament. Apart from the said equipment, all the young students must consider buying chest guards, arm guards, mouth guards and groin guards. 

Altogether, the Kudo players, be it young or adult must invest in good gear. Good Kudo gear will enable Kudo fighters to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

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